New Albion Naturist Books


Hi! I'm Wallace (Wally) M Greensage, author of the New Albion series of naturist fictional novels. There is  more about me here.


F Kupka 1901
Joy of Life

The Series

The 1st book in the series was published and added to amazon's site on 10 March 2016.


It is called:




By Wallace M Greensage


You can read more about  the series and the books at ABOUT THIS SERIES page on this website

My second book in the New Albion nudist fiction series is:



Shall Set You Free


It was published on amazon on 11 August 2016


I plan to publish book 3 within 3 months. It has already been drafted and is progressing well.


More books are planned next year and going forward. Story lines are drafted in brief and some initial partial drafts of later books are already in place.


Naturist Theme (and cautionary note)

The New Albion series of books are of an unambiguous naturist theme (or nudist if you prefer - for the sake of brevity, I use both terms equitably and interchangeably)


Naturism in New Albion books is entirely non-sexual so if you seek titillation, stop reading now as you will be in for a disappointment.


Lovely ladies enjoying naked relaxation
Into deeper waters

New Albion

New Albion is a fictional island somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. I didn't want to influence or prejudice naturist ideals in fictional New Albion with those of any real nation's populace, diverse as they are.



The characters too are entirely fictional (although I make mention of real people, places and events from time to time purely within context) and are from all walks of life.  Some will appear in subsequent stories.


Progress Updates

I'll report developments for you in my blog and , of course, your comments and feedback will be welcomed.


I will also include (in my blog) short excerpts from forthcoming books.


This is how we should all dress when we head to our clothing optional beaches
Long walk to the beach


I hope that you enjoy reading the New Albion series of naturist-themed tales. They are labours of love for me and are meant to be read as fictional naturist enjoyment; a valued subject in which many like-minded souls delight.  


For you dear reader, whether you are a dedicated naturist like me or simply curious like many others around us, this is for you.