Wally Greensage

Hiking nude on a sunny summer day
Wally's Favourite Pastime


In a future book, planned but not yet fully drafted, Professor Wally is a Philosophy lecturer at Wellingbury University. That's as close as it gets as, although he is my simulacrum, the real Prof Wally is a history professor in United Kingdom. I work academically from home these days, lecturing very little, and this gives me more time to spend pleasurably on these yarns.  Wallace M Greensage is my pen name


From my earliest memories, nudity has been ever-present. Families in those far off days generally weren't very open and ours was no different. In my late teens, I recall waking every morning with my PJ bottoms lost somewhere in my bedclothes. I gave in to this and stopped wearing them and that became my norm. When I married, the first time I had control over my living quarters, I increasingly left my clothes in my wardrobe until, in no time at all, I was naked at home at every opportunity, fully encouraged by my young wife.


That was to become the habit of a lifetime. H&E magazine, the only accessible glimpse into naturism at the time, revealed that my innate desires weren't very common but that there was nothing to fear; social naturism soon followed.


For the last few years, stories have been forming and percolating in my grey matter and I have long awaited an opportunity to set them down.  Initially entirely for my own benefit, I started to commit my ideas to paper - well, to my computer screen - mainly to begin with so that they didn't fade away.  


I looked around too for other naturist genre material and discovered that there isn't a lot out there. What has been published fits neatly into fiction and non-fiction categories, and there seems over the last century to have been more of the latter.  Of the few fictional works I discovered, there is a wide range of competencies ranging from grammatically embarrassing to excellent copy, from sexually explicit to genuinely naturist.  But there is some good stuff out there.  My hope and intention is that I can add to the genuinely naturist excellent copy. 


Only time will tell where these books will land.  At best, my stories will entertain and give pleasure; at worst, I will have enjoyed writing them.  I don't plan to stop.