Reviews for "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free"

october 2016

30 October 2016 A wonderful second book with great story lines and characters by Casuallybuff

Amazon 5 Stars


This is the second of three books in this series as the author indicates in his blog.

The first book "Who Is This Naked lady?" set out the case for naturism in an open and honest way with wonderful characters and a non-naturist story line to add excitement.

This 2nd book follows on immediately after the end of the fist book and the characters are joined by several new ones. The case for naturism has been left behind but there are several topical issues that continue this thread admirably, including the troubling question for some of others in their lives discovering the truth.

The non-naturist theme continues in this book and DI Todd is called upon to use his skills to try to prevent harm befalling one of the young ladies.

Some story lines are to be completed in book 3 due out this year apparently. As his blog says, the author had intended just one book but the as the plots grew and developed, he felt it was too much for one book.

The Naked Truth, book 2, is equally as good as book 1, 'Who Is This Naked Lady?' and I'm sure that book 3 will tie up all the loose ends and maintain the same excellence, excitement and character development as books 1 & 2.

Looking forward to it eagerly.


24 October 2016 By email from Mark, Canada


...It was in this time that I was able to read NTSSYF, which I enjoyed a lot. I like the descriptions of people, places, situations and developing characters. The one element that frustrated me was the rapid-fire changing situations/chapters in the book. I would have preferred to read half as many chapters, each double the length, so I could get into each section a bit more readily. Just my preference, it is your book, and I look forward to #3 which must be about due?


23 October 2016 Four Stars by Ria Aucamp

Amazon 4 Stars


An enjoyable read.


6 October 2016 Four Stars

Amazon 4 Stars


Much like the first book and that's good!



26 September 2016 Weak and incomplete story line by James P Liebmann

Amazon 1 Star

This book devotes several chapters to some new characters (e.g. Paige and her family). At the end of the book, I was left wondering what she and her family had to with the story. The author introduced them but never followed through with them. Most of the story revolved around discovering the many friends, neighbors and coworkers who were secretly naturists.
The book just doesn't have the drama or spark that the first one has.


9 September 2016 Great sequel by P Wills

Amazon 5 Stars


Absolutely fantastic sequel. Just as well written as the first with an on your seat ending. really looking forward to the last installment of the trilogy.


august 2016

21 August By email from Johan Aucamp


...I have promptly downloaded it and just started reading. As you will see in the attached Boma Stories, it already features prominently. I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.


Note: Boma Stories is the entertaining newsletter of Sun Eden Nudist Resort in South Africa, a place that we are itching to visit.


21 August 2016 Great second book by John Wilson

Amazon 4 Stars


It's good to read a second book that is as good as the first with it being so easy to read it would get any textile to try naturism


13 August 2016 A great example of naturist fiction by Ted Bun

Amazon 5 Stars


The second part of the New Albion story builds on the characters in book one, and leaves them set up for book 3. Having read the authors blog before hand I knew in advance not to expect resolution of all the plot lines. This and the next volume were meant as a single story but did a 'Topsy' and just grew into 2 books.

The story develops nicely from the end point of its predecessor 'What Have You done To My Wife' and sets up the 3rd volume while being nicely self contained.

The cast list at the beginning of the story looks huge but it includes everybody and the story is so well written you have little problem following the characters without the need to refer back

I am not going to discuss the plot ... read it for yourself. I'm waiting with anticipation for the next part of the Adventures in New Albion


13 August 2016 Can't wait for the next book by Amazon-Kunde (Germany)

Amazon 5 Stars


First some advice: remember, that this is the SECOND book in the New Albion series. I strongly recommend reading the first one before starting with this. I have enjoyed The Naked Truth (...) immensely, but to understand the characters and their personal developments one should have made their acquaintance before. Charlotte, Todd, and all the others, in addition to the new characters, are a little bit too much to meet them for the first time all at once. If you know who you're dealing with, though, you'll read through the pages with as much fun and suspense as a book can possibly provide, and you'll be just as anxious as I am for No. 3.

In short: fine character development, nice humor, suspenseful non-nudist story parts, interesting new people, promising new perspectives on naturism, loose ends I just have to see followed in the next chapter.


13 August 2016 By email from a reader in Germany


Just wanted to let you know, that I´ve read through the book in a matter of mere hours (it helps to have a free weekend to read it that fast). I was really looking forward to it and I must say, it was well worth the wait.
It was good to continue the adventures immediately after the end of Book no. 1, the transition went real smoothly and everyone acted true to their character. It is very clear, that you couldn´t finish it all in one volume, so the loose ends had to be there, but I would have liked a little bit more  from the Solomon family. Well, I guess I´ll have to wait for Book 3... But don´t expect me to be patient. I hate waiting for entertaining, well written stories. To kill some of the time, I have posted a five-star-review on amazon, with a strong recommendation to read Book No.1 as well.
Now please start writing
12 August 2016 By email from bobhip

Purchased your book from Amazon this afternoon and I have just finished it. Another great read thank you for your wonderful writing. There is only one problem I can't wait for the next one as you have left me hanging on what happens next.

Like you I am a life long naturist and enjoy reading about 'true' naturism. Just to answer your query I live in North Wales so virtually neighbours.

Looking forward to the next installment, please let me know when it is published.