New Albion Best Day Book Sales

It's been 2 weeks since P-day. Sales doubled over the daily average on Friday for some reason, which means that more and more readers with naturist interests (or mere curiosity) are discovering my first book: WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY; AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE.


This is outstanding news and long may the trend continue. I am keen for naturists - and those with even the slightest curiosity - to read and (hopefully) enjoy my book.


Please kindly post your comments on this blog, on amazon or email me directly

I promise to reply to all genuine commentators.


I will post an update after March month end but, happily, so far so good.


Happy reading





At Last: I have the  Cover Design Looking Better

I used Amazon Cover Creator program which is what I should have done in the first place! It's so easy to use.


No question; that will be me route for future books.


So, what do you think???  Let me know!


Happy Nuding



Links for this book on Amazon:


Very Welcome Help

I am proud to say that I have connected with P Z Walker, the author of the successful Naked Crow series of naturist-themed books and really appreciate the advice he is offering.


As a newbie author in the naturist genre I need all the help I can get with my 1st book.


Naked Crow books are spiritual adventures which see the heroine through difficulties only she has the capacity to resolve, assisted by a likeable Crow family ancestor. I like the spiritual nature as it is an interest of mine too.


Give them a try. The first in the series is titled Naked Crow


This photo is of book 3 in the series.



A Few Days On

It's been just 4 days since I published WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? on Amazon.


I bought the book myself and read it over the weekend from the viewpoint of a reader. This was hard to do because as the author it's not easy to be dispassionate. As a result I made a few cosmetic changes.


I also changed my book cover too and it looks more professional now. However, for some reason the new cover doesn't seem to have made it to amazon sites yet. Still working on this. 


Amazon UK

Amazon US

I put together a very modest sales target chart - not that I have any control over this after:

a) I published the book, and

b) Made the decision to market through Amazon KDP Select exclusively for 90 days.

I'm glad to say that I am a whisker ahead of my predictions, but as we are only talking about tiny sales per day, that's not a lot really. Still, it's encouraging.

However, one exciting event (for me!)

I have 2 reviews on Amazon UK

It's a good start!

Yours in naturism,




My first book in the New Albion naturist genre book series has been published  and is available at Amazon. So far I can only find it at but I expect it to be available worldwide and will keep checking.




By Wallace M Greensage


Amazon link here

And you can search for the book on Amazon by title and author.

One small hiccup:

I made a mistake with the names when I was setting up my Amazon details and somehow my photographer's name appeared as the Author! I've corrected this now and it will corrected on Amazon today (11 Mar).


Interesting that my dates in my blogs are sometimes a day after the actual dates of the blogs - eg. where I am sitting (naked) writing this it is already 11 Mar but my blog is published in USA where it is still the previous day (10 Mar). Confusing! But that's how the world turns! 


P-Day: March 10, 2016



Publication of 'Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Did They Do With My Wife?' is being now processed by amazon and it should be online for sale today! I will attach a link to the page as soon as I see it online.


A few marketing tasks to accomplish and then I will get on with my Book 2! Can't wait!  

I changed the title at the last minute from WHO IS THIS PERSON? to WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? I briefly considered WHO IS THIS NATURIST but gave up on that as it's clumsy. I wanted to include something about the theme in the title so this was the best compromise in my opinion. Perhaps it's not perfect but...

I was also going to buy an ISBN number but that would have incurred a 10 day delay for processing and I'm too eager to get this masterpiece(!?) published. I'll come back to that.

I signed up for amazon's KDP Select option. I can only sell through amazon and not directly or through other outlets for 90 days. I finally decided on $2.99 as the optimum selling cost - amazon has a chart of sales for similar books by of sales to price ratio and that influenced me.

So, dear reader, if you would like a naturist genre read, head off to amazon in your country and look for:



By Wallace M Greensage


Happy reading


Your in naturism



Excerpt: Who Is This Person?

 Take a look now at an excerpt from:




Click Here For Excerpt


The excerpt is from Chapter 2 when Charlotte and Todd learn that their new friends are naturists.



Proofreading Finished!

All I need to do now is:

1. Book Cover


3. Enroll with Amazon KDP


Getting there!


I hope to have book 1 published within a few days. Already thinking about book 2!




New Albion Series Book 1 - nearly there!

Yes, publication is imminent. I know! I promised P-day would be 5 Mar (today). I have shelved all my other projects but some things simply can't be put off, especially (happily) paid projects and this last week has been busier than I'd anticipated. Still plenty of time for my book draft but not enough to meet my self-imposed P-Day target. No complaints about that. I have 2 more draft reads to go.


Why two? I made so many changes in the last read through that I feel another read through for final minor adjustments is crucial. Finally, I will read through again one last time without making changes (from a pdf file or similar) as if I am a reader and not an author. I don't know if other authors do this - this is my first novel (does 53 thousand plus words put this into 'novel' category?) - but my efforts to ensure my book is easily readable and grammatically correct are paramount. I have read so many naturist-themed books that fall short of these criteria.


I'm on my own as far as proofreading is concerned.


On the downside, I simply don't know anyone except my English Lit graduate daughter who can give me feedback and she's so damn busy that it would take her weeks to accomplish this. Also although she knows I am a naturist at home, she doesn't know of my social involvement. My wife of course does know and although she's comfortable naked, she wouldn't call herself a naturist - even though we hike nude. But she can't proofread effectively as although her English is good, she's not a native English speaker.


On the plus side, I am a proofreader myself, sometimes for fiction but mainly for non-fiction and business documents.  As long as I really work at it, proofread repeatedly and, most importantly, avoid business formality, I think i can do a reasonable job. No doubt you will let me know if I have failed.


I will try to complete the two reads over this weekend and on Monday I can buy my ISBN and enroll with amazon. 


Getting really close!


Yours in naturism

Wally Greensage