Who's Who

The Characters

The New Albion series of nudist genre books reflects characters from all walks of life.  Of course, as you will expect, there are lots of nudists.  Some are lifelong naturists, others came to it by a variety of circumstances, and to help the tales to flow, there are also of course a fair sprinkling of newbies.  Some are dedicated "every-opportunity" nudists, some are occasional and casual nudists and one or two are even reluctant nudists.


Textiles play their contextual roles in the stories too, many of whom are actively sympathetic, one or two downright averse but most are simply bemused or shoulder-shruggingly accepting.


They all form the rich tapestry of life in New Albion.


What a wonderful way for nudists to while away the summer hours
Naturists Enjoying Beach Strolls

Book 1 - WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? - And What Have They Done With My Wife?

Character List

Charlotte Mathersley Bigoted Newbie

Det. Inspector Todd Mathersley Unbiased Newbie

Lucy Polkdean Devoted Extrovert

Jake Polkdean Sun-shy Naturist

Molly Hollingfield Spurned Beauty

Phillip Stelt Selfish Narcissist

Dana McStewart Dominated Introvert

Benjamin Spiralli Short-Fuse Lowlife

Justin Slevering Informally Formal

Sergeant Jimmy Davies Strong arm of south coast law

May Flintsmith Reluctant Matron

John Flintsmith Born Again Dentist

Judge Sarah van den Berg Exasperated Legal Beagle

Martinez Pissed Off Legal Beagle

Sylvie Bretagne Willing Server

book 2 - the naked truth shall set you free

Character List

Charlotte Mathersley – Happily naked but running scared


Todd Mathersley – Cool and calm detective inspector


Ella Langston – Ginger PA bombshell


Lucy Polkdean - Devoted extrovert accountant


Jake Polkdean - Sun-shy journalist


Molly Hollingfeld – Shocked and horrified naturist beauty


Philip (Phil) Stelt - Narcissist Legal Clerk


Dana MacStewart – Travel agent with improving opportunities


Benjamin (Ben) Spiralli - Short-fused Low-life


Justin Slevering - Informally formal concierge


Jimmy Davies - Strong Arm of the South Coast Law


May Flintsmith - Reluctant matron


John Flintsmith - Born-again dentist


Henry Atkinstone – Old grouch


Una Atkinstone – Perfect hostess


Louisa Fiddleforth – Man-troubled accountant


Dmitry Durak – Ukrainian psychopath


Bobby-Joe Henderton – Spiralli’s useless weakling


Fraser Duffy – Charlotte’s shattered father


Patience Duffy – Fraser’s blinkered wife


Brigidier (Ret’d) Cavendish Mathersley – Todd’s laid back father


Lottie Mathersley – Todd’s apple pie Ma


Tiffy Coltrain – Kettley Primary School teacher in hiding


Jason Coltrain – Protective spouse


Marie-Louise Solomons – Anxious deep-Southern lady


Paige Solomons – What are they saying, ya’ll?


‘Little’ Stevie Perks – Paige’s unlikely companion


Renata Perks – Helpful housewife


Evie Perks – Perky eleven year old


Olivia Solomons – Evie’s new bestie


Chuck Solomons – America businessman, Marie-Louise’s husband


Sally Solomons – Eldest teenage daughter


Dominic Solomons – Only boy in a house full of girls


Josh Perks – Steven’s teenage son by first marriage


Leandre du Toit – Renata’s teenage daughter by first marriage


Principal Brogan – Loud, scary head of Kettley Primary School


Miss Ginns – Principal Brogan’s strong hand


Sven & Freya – Todd and Charlotte’s Scandinavian neighbours


Diego Dias – Spiralli’s Colombian guardian angel


Santiago Rojas – Colombian man-mountain


Lucas Moreno – Colombian man-foothill


Jock Hamilton – Crime boss who wants it all


Scotty the Wee Scot – Jock’s man on the inside


Geoffrey – Octogenarian naturist


Vera – Geoffrey’s spry wife


Philippa – Their retired daughter


Gordon – Overbearing hugger