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Naked Book Ends


Books 1 and 2 in this naturist-themed New Albion series have already been published and book 3 is imminent.


Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Did They Do With My Wife? was published on 10 March 2016, authored by me, Wallace M Greensage.  


The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free was published on 11 August 2016.


Naturism is central to my lifestyle and I suspect that it is an interest of yours too if you have found this site. The tales are completely non-sexual, in line with our naturist expectations.



I decided after much investigation and research to self-publish online - see my blogs for how this progressed. 


I am continuing to work on my 3rd book and would like to see this online well before the end of 2016.



As I am English, the prose of the series is English.

  • I use imperial distance measurements (miles, yards) and, as in UK, other measurements may be metric.
  • Spelling is predominantly English English i.e. colours
  • Terms normally used in UK are used throughout i.e. holiday (vacation), autumn (fall), petrol (gas). 
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Stretched Out


The period of these tales is contemporary and general acceptance of New Albion's natural way of life is slightly more accepting than in many parts of the globe.  The populace on the island is cosmopolitan and as demographically diverse as one would expect in any country in the western world.  However,  as elsewhere in the world, the majority of people, whilst most accept it as a human right, have no specific interest in involvement in naturism as a way of life.   As in any region, bigots continue to exist and whilst sensationalism in the media often paints a poor picture, publicity is generally positive in New Albion's press.


Book 1

This book was published on 10 March 2016 as:


And what have they done with my wife?


Enjoying their 2 week break on the south coast of New Albion island, Charlotte and Todd meet new friends Lucy and Jake with unexpected consequences. Their blossoming friendship leads them unexpectedly into uncharted waters as they are dragged unwittingly into perilous straits.


Unexpected problems of two beautiful young ladies involve the foursome but this leads to a life-threatening situation for Todd.


Book 2

Book 2 was published on 11 August 2016 titles:


Shall Set You Free


Charlotte and Todd and their friends return home to Wellingbury to discover the aftermath of difficulties they thought had been overcome are still menacing innocent friends. Events come to a head and Todd finds himself at the centre once more. He needs all his powers to see this through. Charlotte and Todd discover the strength of their network of new friends and Charlotte receives an unexpected surprise, but not before she faces a family crisis. Molly's life is turned upside down by an unexpected development that threatens all her plans. New arrivals from USA, the Solomons family, make friends with Albian family, the Perks. Their differing lifestyles threaten to throw a spanner in their budding friendship. Poorly thought out plans by bad boy, Ben Spiralli, puts himself and those around him in a load of painful trouble.


Book 3

Book 3's project name is "The Weekend". Again no title has yet been decided.


Louisa is invited to spend Sunday at a popular beach where an unexpected meeting spins her life in a new direction. But is this a direction she wants to take? And what is her involvement with our friends from earlier books? Molly faces life-changing decisions and the Solomons and Perks families attempt to work out how to maintain their growing friendship despite their opposing lifestyles. Charlotte, Todd, Lucy and Jake cement their friendship and find ways together to help others to develop and enjoy naturism. The bad boys continue to face problems and their scheming puts them at further risk.


Publication Timing

Target Dates:

Book 1 - Who Is This Naked Lady? - March 2016

Book 2 - The Naked Truth - August 2016

Book 3 - Where There's A Will - Late 2016


Future books:

As WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY?, the first of the New Albion nudist-themed series was popular, sales were satisfying and feedback encouraging. I have reasonable expectations that the series will be entertaining and enjoyable to my growing circle of readers. Therefore I plan to publish further books at times yet to be determined but at reasonably short intervals. Had interest been low, which clearly isn't the case, I planned to write them anyway in my own time for my own enjoyment as I'm having a ball doing this.


The first three books are set during the second half of one contemporary year; the next book (no. 4) is set in the following year.  This doesn't mean to say I will publish annually; it may be sooner if I have time and publish earlier.


Naked Art for Naturist Connoisseurs
Reading Woman by Francie Van Hove

Nudism, naturism and clothing optional-ism

I should say a bit more here about nudist v. naturist handles.


I make no differentiation in the New Albion series between nudists and naturists. I use the two terms interchangeably with impunity. For the purposes of these stories, there is no intention to favour or deride one term or the other. 


Similarly, the use of such terms as clothing optional is not meant to infer any bias.


If you prefer to be called one or the other, nudist or naturist, pretend that's what I wrote. My intention is not to offend.