More Research & More decisions - but nearly done!

I looked into Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and so far I like what I see.  Definitely plan to go with that to start with so next I need to enroll.


I also looked into ISBN numbers and checked out an ISBN site recommended by a site that I mentioned in my last blog by CNET


This (ISBN site) is a very helpful site (in fact both CNET and ISBN are both helpful) and in addition to explaining the benefits of ISBN affiliation, the site also has a number of packages.  Useful too is information on the ISBN site about other tweaks that can be done to help market and sell ebooks (all of which cost money of course). I may delve into a couple of the ideas.  I'll let you know.  Nevertheless, I have decided to ISBN (new verb) my books.


Book 1 is being proofread as I write this and I'm making more corrections than anticipated. It will therefore take longer than I'd hoped before I can publish (P-day).  Nevertheless, I believe I'm only days away from publication - let's say then that today 28 Feb is P-day minus 5.


Once proofreading and corrections are accomplished, I'll issue an excerpt from Book 1 on this site.

The first book is tentatively called:




And What Have They Done With My Wife?

I don't want to confirm the title finally yet, although this is my preferred title, just in case KDP insists on changes.  I have no idea how that all works yet, so something else to discover.

One other aspect to be finalised is the book cover. I put out feelers but failed to receive responses - was it me, naturism or are illustrators simply too busy to bother with book covers? Never mind, I have a most suitable Plan B (more later). Oh won't those illustrators be kicking themselves when sales exceed Fifty Shades!! And Miley Sirus and Jennifer Aniston star in the film...


OK, dream on!

Thanks for following me and my progress towards publication of Book 1 of my New Albion naturist-themed fiction series.


Yours in naturism




Ebook Publishing Research & Decisions

Researching and searching is time consuming. Better to do it naked
Reserching with Google

I spent a few hours with my old pal, Google Search, researching as much as I could find out about how I should go about publishing my ebook series. Here are my thoughts below. They are personal to my plans and may not suit everyone and every situation, so if, dear reader, you are following a similar path, I urge you to have a good look around for advice. I'm no expert. However, I will tell you which sites I found helpful.

Before looking at what I need to do to publish my manuscripts, I checked out some advice sites on the subject of ebook publishing.  Some are downright unhelpful, some are merely links to other sites (and to books for which I would have to pay) and some were really helpfully.


One I found really helpful was a blog on CNET:

'How to self-publish an ebook' by David Carnoy

This one has really good advice and helped me to formulate my decisions and planning.  It's easy to read too.

Another good easy-to-read resource is Ja Konrath's blog called 'How to make money on ebooks'  It's clear and informative, listing the essential tasks to be considered. Helpful!


But at least she is nude
Work, Work, Work

From advice I gleaned from these sites and from one or two other sites that added little but repeated much, a few decisions became easier to make.


1. I will direct publish.  To appoint a middleman to help me publish and link me with sellers, they would be registered as publisher instead of me.  They would also take a cut in the process. I like to keep things under my own control.


Anyway, I really want to do as much as possible myself.


2. I will almost certainly begin by using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Amazon is by far the biggest seller and if I price my books right - $2.99 and over (there is an upper limit but way above my top end ebook selling price - I can enjoy 70% commission on sales.


I could also enroll with KDP Select, which offers a number of attractive perks worthy of consideration, including payment for ebooks read through their lending library. I'm going to consider this very seriously once I have read the small print.  One condition is that KDP must be my exclusive seller for a set period (perhaps 90 days). I like the idea, taken a face value.  More to do on this.


3. To connect with other sellers (after my time period expires on KDP Select if I enroll), I will investigate using a company like Smashwords or Lulu. I have to investigate such companies a little more but the recommendation right now that I'm listening to is Smashwords. They cover most other outlets, like Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo.


There are a host of others too, which I will look at. The better ones are covered in David Carnoy's CNET blog, I mentioned earlier.


The benefit of a home office is the freedom to be naked
Naturist Working at Home

4. The ebook cover must be good according to all advice I found. Why, as it's an ebook, I'm not sure, but they have the experience and I don't.  I have an idea about where to look first - I've been looking out for illustrators for a while. 


If that doesn't work out - the illustrators are good but could cost a packet - I have a list of possibles issued free by Smashwords. Here is a link to the list


5. Do it properly: the underlying message of the advice I read. Do everything thoroughly and don't cut corners and chances of success will improve. Shoddy work is penalised by lower ebook sales.


6. Finally! Effective marketing is crucial to success.  Make a marketing plan (see more later).


Great that she can work nude
Hard at Work

That's all for this post. I'll outline my planning in the next blog. I'm sure you'll be rivetted to that as you were to this...


Yours in naturism



A Hiccup with a Satisfactory Outcome

Vodafone Advertisement for Mobile Broadband For Laptops using nudity as an eye-catcher.
Working Naked At Home - When The Internet Actually Works

Yesterday, after a couple of days doing other work, I returned to my voyage of discovery to learn how to publish my ebooks.  I don't think it's particularly arduous; there are simply some decisions to be made and some hoops to jump through.  I have a number of non-related daily tasks that I must perform to maintain my personal and work routine; I am currently skipping through these so that I can achieve P-day (Publishing Day) as quickly as possible.


Yesterday I finished my chores and set about learning as much as I can about publication from good old Google Search.  It all went pear-shaped after lunch when the internet went down and stayed down - the modem showed 2 constant green lights - not a good sign, which meant that our service had been disrupted between ISP and our modem.


My able assistant (my better half) called and discovered that there was a technical problem and the service would be down for a while.


I had downloaded a few sites, but I couldn't do much with them so I gave up and moved on to Plan B - to read through Book 1 (Two Weeks) draft to correct and adjust it.  It's fully written but this was the first major read-through. 


What a pleasure that turned out to be.  I couldn't put it down - I was enjoying it so much. Even when the modem popped into life six hours later, I ignored it and plodded on with checking the draft.  I gobbled my dinner and returned to my computer to work late into the night (surely "work" can't be the right word for such a pleasurable task!). 


When I woke this morning at 4 a.m. - that happens sometimes - I was straight back at it again and now, 24 hours later, I've finished the read through.  I'm really happy with the story and hope that you will be too when its published.  The finished article is getting closer!


I still have a number of routine checks to do on the draft of course and then I'll read through the draft again and make any final adjustments.  Yes, I'm that close.  Finally, I'll save as a pdf file and read through it one more time as if it's a finished book - which I hope it will be by then.


In the meantime, I have to go back to my day job as I haven't yet looked at my routine daily tasks today.  It's so satisfying when something enjoyable diverts me.


I'll go back to my publishing research over the weekend, internet permitting, as this is also something I'm eager to understand. I can then make a publishing task list and begin to talk to publishers and others.  More on that in future blogs.


Yours in naturism




First the Introductions

Hello Dear Reader


I'm Wally Greensage and I am writing a series of naturist-themed fictional novels. The first of three novels to be published over the next few months is due out online imminently, hopefully by March 2016.


The storyline of the first book introduces Charlotte, Todd, Lucy and Jake as principal characters; they will appear too in later books from time-to-time.


Charlotte and Todd are enjoying their 2-week break on the south coast of New Albion island and develop a new friendship with Lucy and Jake.  This is to have unexpected consequences for them. Their blossoming friendship also leads them into uncharted waters as they are dragged unwittingly into a sinister situation. 


My website gives much more information about the books, publication plans, the characters and a background to fictional New Albion island in the North Atlantic.  I invite you to have a look around this website.  I also invite you to comment as feedback is very welcome.


I'll regularly update you through this blog on developments as I complete my first novel and set about putting it online.  I will also issue a brief extract shortly.


Please make a point of returning to my blog and site regularly. It is my sincere wish that you will enjoy my books.


Yours in naturism