Where's Wally

A year has slipped by since my last blog post. Horrendous! Bad enough that time has raced by so quickly but worse that I have not been keeping my readers updated with all the latest news. 


Farewell To Summer (NA3), the final book of my New Albion naturist-themed trilogy, has finally been completed. It took far longer than expected as my semi-retirement failed miserably! I started Who Is This Naked Lady (NA1) and even managed to complete The Naked Truth Shall Set you Free (NA2) during months and years of low activity. I was keeping my hand in with a few occupational projects until, suddenly, I received an offer of a full-time position overseas that would cap my academic career nicely. 


The project exploded and I am still heavily engrossed, albeit remotely during these trying times; I'm now WNFH (Working Nude From Home!).   


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