Where's Wally

A year has slipped by since my last blog post. Horrendous! Bad enough that time has raced by so quickly but worse that I have not been keeping my readers updated with all the latest news. 


Farewell To Summer (NA3), the final book of my New Albion naturist-themed trilogy, has finally been completed. It took far longer than expected as my semi-retirement failed miserably! I started Who Is This Naked Lady (NA1) and even managed to complete The Naked Truth Shall Set you Free (NA2) during months and years of low activity. I was keeping my hand in with a few occupational projects until, suddenly, I received an offer of a full-time position overseas that would cap my academic career nicely. 


The project exploded and I am still heavily engrossed, albeit remotely during these trying times; I'm now WNFH (Working Nude From Home!).   


After two long years, however, I finally put the finishing touches to NA3 and set about publishing. NA3 has now been available as a Kindle edition for several months and sales are, thankfully, within expectations. 


Unfortunately, it is only a Kindle edition as yet as I have been unable to conquer the impossibilities of lining up the cover design by Alex Foster at https://www.alex-foster.com/shop to produce the paperback. More about Alex in a separate post.


It was easy in CreateSpace to produce paperbacks but now KDP and CreateSpace have merged, it is so difficult for my inexperienced capabilities to overcome KDP's hard to follow directions and perpetual rejections of my cover size. Alex has helped enormously but so far to no avail. I have take professional help so we will see how that transpires.


More blogs will follow over the next few weeks as there is much more to share. 


Happy nuding



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