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July 2020 · 23. July 2020
Farewell To Summer by Wallace Greensage
06. June 2016
My printed book has been out courtesy of amazon's CreateSpace long enough now to be able to review the results. You may recall from earlier blogs that I decided on publication of my first book 'WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? And What Have They Done With My Wife?' in March this year that I would sign up to amazon's KDP Select. KDP Select is a special version of Kindle Direct Publishing, which connects self-publishers like me to Kindle eBooks. KDP select enrols authors for 90 days in a special deal...
03. June 2016
I'm re-stating these links as much for me as for you, dear reader, as I want to be sure that the links I have been declaring in the past are still valid. So here they are again!
29. May 2016
As I wrote in an earlier blog, I enrolled my book WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? in amazon's CreateSpace printed book service. I think that there is some confusion between amazon's KPD Select and CreateSpace because now when I search for the book on amazon, only the printed version appears. I was given to understand when I did this that both the printed and ebook versions would be shown. This doesn't appear to be the case except on the German site.
21. April 2016
Exciting introduction to nudism for Wallace's first book in the naturist-themed New Albion series
If you would like to check out my book at amazon, here are some links: Use link for other countries if you don't have a local amazon account in your country.
02. April 2016
March is at an end and as promised, after 3 complete weeks, I have reviewed the interest that my first book "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" has enjoyed and I must express my great pleasure. I had guestimated a (modest) interest and I am delighted that since P-Day on 11 March, sales are 287% greater than expected. More satisfying though from my perspective are the positive comments that I have received, which can be seen at REVIEWS RECEIVED This initial response...
27. March 2016
It's been 2 weeks since P-day. Sales doubled over the daily average on Friday for some reason, which means that more and more readers with naturist interests (or mere curiosity) are discovering my first book: WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY; AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE. This is outstanding news and long may the trend continue. I am keen for naturists - and those with even the slightest curiosity - to read and (hopefully) enjoy my book. Please kindly post your comments on this blog, on amazon or...
10. March 2016
My first book in the New Albion naturist genre book series has been published and is available at Amazon. So far I can only find it at but I expect it to be available worldwide and will keep checking. WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? By Wallace M Greensage Amazon link here And you can search for the book on Amazon by title and author.
09. March 2016
YES! Publication of 'Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Did They Do With My Wife?' is being now processed by amazon and it should be online for sale today! I will attach a link to the page as soon as I see it online. A few marketing tasks to accomplish and then I will get on with my Book 2! Can't wait!
04. March 2016
Yes, publication is imminent. I know! I promised P-day would be 5 Mar (today). I have shelved all my other projects but some things simply can't be put off, especially (happily) paid projects and this last week has been busier than I'd anticipated. Still plenty of time for my book draft but not enough to meet my self-imposed P-Day target. No complaints about that. I have 2 more draft reads to go. Why two? I made so many changes in the last read through that I feel another read through for final...

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