Since Publication (i)

Since publication last month, sales have been growing and interest in THE NAKED TRUTH is steadily growing.


More importantly, feedback has been very positive and I'm grateful to all my readers for buying or borrowing my book and to those that have taken the time to give me their comments via amazon, this blog and directly to my email address.


Since publication of Vol 1 of the New Albion series in March 2016 WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? correspondence has been growing and I love to interact with readers in this way. It's so important for me, not only for feedback, but also to consider constructive comments and suggestions that have influenced my writing. One such suggestion from Marcus (thank you) resulted in the unintended delay to publication of Book 2 as I added a story line that made the book far better in my opinion. I made adjustments for other comments too, so thanks everyone and please don't stop.


The draft of Vol 3 is well advanced but has yet to be titled - the (corny) project name is WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WON'T. That perhaps says something about the content but it all turns out fine in the end (for most).


Unfortunately, with my period of relaxation in August on the sunny med (nude hiking, nude sunning and nude living, of course) and with the mountain of work that has piled up since my return 10 days ago, I haven't had time yet to get down to work on Vol 3, but I will shortly. Looking forward to it immensely as thoughts and ideas churn up my grey matter.

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