New Albion Book 3 - "Farewell To Summer"

And It's Nearly Ready At Last

The draft has been completed and the proofing has begun. At last! Phew!


Strangely, I don't find that to be the chore that it sounds. I enjoy it so much that I have to guard against over proofing.


'Should I read it through just one more time to make sure, in case I missed something?'


'NO! Nothing is totally perfect. Just get on with it!'


OK! As soon as I have finished the routine proofing chores check list, my naturist writing colleague P. Z. Walker will do the honours by reading through to pick out any bloopers and bugs.


And then it will be ready for publication.


Oh! The book cover. Groan - that's the bit I find hardest!


Ah well. Not long to wait now, dear readers. Why not read through Books 1 and 2 as a refresher?


You can find them here


Happy Nude reading!




The truth of the matter is that last year my semi-retirement was exactly that, giving me adequate time for the enjoyment of authoring the first two books in the New Albion trilogy.


Book 3 is well-advanced but has hit a road block because as the year progressed, I became more and more busy, ending the year with a six month move to work in the Middle East, which is where I am now. My treasured writing time had to take a step back. I took the assignment as it is interesting and exciting, and of course, the money is powerfully attractive too. Far more than my family in New Albion is ever likely to contribute to my pension…!


I had hoped that I would have sufficient spare time to be able to progress, but that has turned out to be wishful thinking.


I will finish this assignment in mid-April. Until then I fear that I will be doing little more to finish book 3, but it won’t take long after that I hope. Proofing is the longest time unfortunately, so right now it seems that mid-year is a realistic target.


Please bear with the delays caused by my diverse life activities. Your enjoyment is high on my priority list and I’ll be sure to update this blog with progress reports from time-to-time.


Happy reading


Yours in naturism




Update - At Last

Apologies for the long absence, everyone, and for my failure to keep you all updated. An unexpected day-job work project arose in early December that has taken me abroad and filled my time (12 hours a day) - and it's not over until I get home at the end of January.


This has meant that New Albion 3 is still in progress. The words are nearly all down on (electronic) paper and I now have to tidy them up (which I'm doing in the little spare time I have this month), read through a few times (crucial) and beg my naturist writing colleague, Paul Walker, to make time to proof read it.


Still some weeks to go I regret to say. I'm eager to resume. My non-working thoughts daily turn to NA3 story lines and my desire to drop everything and get on with it for the moment has to be tempered.


Nest post will be at the beginning of Feb.


Thanks for your patience. I don't want to rush things - the final episode must be perfect when it goes out.


Oh, and a belated Happy New Year to you all.


What Happens Next

An additional section has been added to the end of New Albion Series Book 2 THE NAKED TRUTH Shall Set You Free.


 It has been added to tie up loose ends to some of the story lines in Book 2 and to give a hint of what is to come in Book 3. I hope that this helps those that feel the ending was a bit open-ended.


This is what it says:


In the final installment of the New Albion trilogy, due out in 2016:


Tiffy and Jason continue to meet their new “nudey” friends and are persuaded to widen their horizons, against Tiffy’s better judgement. None of the friends expected the consequences, least of all Tiffy.


Justin is not one to give up. His sensible and practical suggested resolution to Molly’s situation is a shock to her. But will Molly agree?


Louisa remains down in the dumps until a surprise call from Lucy inadvertently changes her life. But is it for the better? Only she can decide.


Lucy and Jake wrestle with a major decision after Lucy lays down the law.


Charlotte and Todd work hard to patch things up with her parents amidst rumours in their work lives. Will her mother, Patience, allow things to improve or will their relationships be tarnished forever?


The Solomons and Perks children quickly discover more about each other and friendships become both cemented and strained. Both sets of parents hold council to maintain their growing friendship. Will they be successful or will prejudices and attitudes cause them to go separate ways?


The festering feud between Ben Spiralli and Dmitry Durak comes to a head, but with surprising results for both. Help for Ben comes from an unexpected source, but for whose benefit? And what exactly do the Scots want of him?


Jerome tries hard to come to terms with Dana’s lifestyle. Will their budding relationship survive?


May and John return from their summer on the south coast. John’s enthusiasm and retirement freedom offer new opportunities that neither of them had previously guessed at.



New Albion Book 2 Printed Version Update

So it's the start of a new month and October passed by without fulfilling my objective. I had intended to issue "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" in printed form by the end of October, and I was working towards that end as I mentioned earlier during October. However I ran into a number of problems with formatting and Amazon's CreateSpace couldn't accept the draft in a way that satisfied me. I worked late into last night to resolve this but I eventually ran out of time. And now I'm on my way to the airport for a 5-day trip that will occupy all of my time.


With regrets, dear reader, I have to break my commitment (to myself and to you) and give myself a few more days on my return next weekend.


The good news is that I think that I have solved the formatting problem overnight. Not so good is that if I have, I don't have any opportunity now to prove this and to move to the next stage, which is the book cover. I simply don't want to rush things and make a mess of this. It's not hard but it is time-consuming.


Stand by for more news as I finalise this project within a few days of my return to my writing desk. 


Statistics - And No Lies



While updating amazon reviews for my first two books, I took a look at the statistics.


I have to admit that so far I'm very satisfied.

Book 1 "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" published in March 2016


15 reviews across US, UK and Germany:

9 *****

5 ****

1 **

This is a total of 67 stars, giving an average of 4.47 out of 5. 


Book 2 "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" published in August 2016


9 reviews across US, UK and Germany

4 *****

3 ****

1 *

A total of 33 stars, giving an average of 4.13 out of 5.


Clearly, a very positive response and encouraging for New Albion Book 3, for which drafting is all but complete.


The overall average star rating for my 2 first books is 4.35


Apart from two exceptional low scores, they are all 4 and 5 star reviews.


Perhaps I should mention that the 2 star review for book 1 ended:

Gave it two points in the end. But then, it makes good for a lazy read on a nude beach.

I take that as a positive.


And the one star for book 2, having probably quite rightly bemoaned the lack of completed story lines (to be continued in New Albion book 3), ended:

The book just doesn't have the drama or spark that the first one has.

Not the consensus of other reviews but again it highlights the problem of authoring trilogies.


All reviews are valuable and I'm grateful for the 2 low scores too. Keeps me on my toes.

I love receiving direct messages to my email address, to the contact form on this site and reviews on amazon. Please keep them coming. Good or bad, I love them all.



Since Publication (ii)




I have left it a while to properly gauge response to Book 2 "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" and have now updated this site to include all direct and amazon feedback. You can find all of the excerpts in REVIEWS FOR WALLACE'S BOOKS in the menu alongside or by clicking here



You can find reviews for Book 1 "Who Is This Naked Lady, And What Have They Done With My Wife?" here




Reviews for Book 2 "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" here


Since Publication (i)

Since publication last month, sales have been growing and interest in THE NAKED TRUTH is steadily growing.


More importantly, feedback has been very positive and I'm grateful to all my readers for buying or borrowing my book and to those that have taken the time to give me their comments via amazon, this blog and directly to my email address.


Since publication of Vol 1 of the New Albion series in March 2016 WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? correspondence has been growing and I love to interact with readers in this way. It's so important for me, not only for feedback, but also to consider constructive comments and suggestions that have influenced my writing. One such suggestion from Marcus (thank you) resulted in the unintended delay to publication of Book 2 as I added a story line that made the book far better in my opinion. I made adjustments for other comments too, so thanks everyone and please don't stop.


The draft of Vol 3 is well advanced but has yet to be titled - the (corny) project name is WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WON'T. That perhaps says something about the content but it all turns out fine in the end (for most).


Unfortunately, with my period of relaxation in August on the sunny med (nude hiking, nude sunning and nude living, of course) and with the mountain of work that has piled up since my return 10 days ago, I haven't had time yet to get down to work on Vol 3, but I will shortly. Looking forward to it immensely as thoughts and ideas churn up my grey matter.

So please keep writing to me and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


Amazon Links for THE NAKED TRUTH

The amazon links for New Albion book 2


Shall Set You Free

by Wallace M Greensage

which was published in the last few hours are:

US & Rest of the World







I hope that you enjoy this book as much as many of you enjoyed Book 1 WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY?


Please, as many of you did with Book 1, send me your thoughts, recommendations and ideas. They are immensely helpful.


You can comment below, through this site at CONTACT or directly to my email addresses at either:




Published! Book 2 will be available at amazon within hours!

Today, 11 August 2016, book 2 of the New Albion series of naturist-themed books was published.




It will take a few hours to be reviewed but any time now it will be available for purchase.


It's available on amazon and as soon as I have details I'll post the links.


Charlotte and Todd are back, with their old friends, Lucy, Jake, Molly, Dana and Justin and, of course, others that you know too. The bad boys are back too - they are no wiser! They all have new tales to tell.


Lots of other new personalities have arrived too. Ella is Charlotte's close friend at her workplace. The Solomons have arrived from South Carolina and have made friends with an Albian family, the Perks. Both families have four children ranging in age from seven to late teens. They will develop more throughout book 3 too, as will new arrival Louisa Fiddleforth. They too have tales to tell.

I have an admission to make! Books 2 and 3 were to be one book but the story lines became too unwieldy and long and I decided to split the books. The bad news is that book 2 leaves a few loose ends for book 3. The good news is that because it was originally to be one book, book 3 is well-advanced and I'll try to publish as soon as I can. A few months, but nevertheless, I don't have to start from scratch.


And that will close New Albion's first year out and tie up all the loose ends neatly.


But that doesn't mean that the books will end. I already have drafts and plots for next year's batch of books in the New Albion series.


I'm grateful for all the feedback I've received for book one. This has been through this website and directly to my email. All the feedback has been gratifyingly positive, I'm proud to say. Some of the feedback has offered constructive suggestions and I have developed story lines, themes and writing skill adjustments form many of these, so a BIG THANK YOU to you all.


I'll be contacting all my correspondents to let you know that THE NAKED TRUTH has been published as soon as I have the links.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy book 2 as much as I believe you've enjoyed book one and I am keen to receive your feedback.


Happy Nude Reading



Cover Page for "THE NAKED TRUTH"

Here it is at last! The ebook cover for the second of the New Albion naturist fiction series.


A huge thank you to fellow nudist theme author P. Z. Walker of Naked Crow and Mirror Earth fame for this excellent design.


More about the story in the next post. Suffice it to say now that the characters from "Who Is This Naked Lady" return to day-to-day life on New Albion after their holidays and are joined by new characters, some rather unexpected.


Their lives are not as routine as they would expect, thanks to unpredictable events.



I'm back at my desk again after another trip and with no more trips for 3 weeks, my aim is to publish shortly.


Regular updates will follow. We're really close now.


The Writer Who Came In From The Cold

Actually, this has a double meaning. Not only have I been away for 3 weeks on a research project which took me to some pretty cool cold places, I came back with a stinking cold (read 'man-flu') that I thought may finish me off but which Mrs. G shrugged off as a mere sniffle. I'm self-pityingly recovering slowly...your show of sympathy will be greatly appreciated.  

While I was away, my book was proofed by an expert naturist writer and I'm immensely grateful. More on that later.


This week since I returned home, if I did nothing else, I roused myself to work on book two: 'The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free'. It's in final self-proofing now that I have made the proofing corrections. The cover is coming along beautifully, more on this later too .


So, dear reader, watch this space. It won't be long until book 2 of the New Albion naturist fiction series is on the electronic shelves, supported by printed versions too.


A Pleasant Surprise


Received an email yesterday from a book reviewer that I respect and follow, suggesting a review of New Albion books 1 -3 later this year.




How fantastic is that? Of course I agreed immediately. All I have to do is publish the next 2 books, one imminently and the third one around September.




It's too early to say anymore as of course he has only read 'Who Is,,,' so far, but as soon as I can I will.




He told me 'Who Is...' was enjoyable to read. I just have to make books 2 and 3 as readable.  


Just the encouragement I need, if any more was needed!


One thing he did point out, and following on from my reasoning in yesterday's blog about why this happened, part of this cover on the left has also been used by another naturist author.


I really must decide what to do about covers. Perhaps it's time for me to dig my hand in my pocket and commission something. Ho hum!


Publishing Strategy Update

My printed book has been out courtesy of amazon's CreateSpace long enough now to be able to review the results.


You may recall from earlier blogs that I decided on publication of my first book 'WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? And What Have They Done With My Wife?' in March this year that I would sign up to amazon's KDP Select.


KDP Select is a special version of Kindle Direct Publishing, which connects self-publishers like me to Kindle eBooks. KDP select enrols authors for 90 days in a special deal whereby royalties are improved and my book is available free to borrowers but where authors receive a share out of an odd payment pool. During this period books must remain faithful to amazon alone.


A few weeks ago I also subscribed to CreateSpace to produce a printed version. This is relatively easy and the good thing about it is that there are no print runs. I don't have to pay for a few hundred to be produced. Amazon prints to order; a customer orders a book and they print it and send it and it doesn't seem to slow the process down any.


There was some internal amazon conflict between Createspace and KDP versions which confused me for a while and I seem to have ended up with two different book covers. Also, it took amazon a couple of weeks of fluctuating book sales prices before settling on the current printed book prices.

Ebook sales of 'Who Is...' have been fairly robust, and considering that they are only sold through amazon so far, it's a good start. I'm satisfied with the first 3 months sales through KDP. In all that time, only 3 days of zero sales with some unexplained high volume spikes (relative to average sales, that is - it's not selling like Harry Potter, that's for sure).


On the other hand, sales of the printed version through CreateSpace are much lower. This of course has everything to do with the price. Ebooks sell for $2.99 (about £2.12) and the printed versions are $9.49, £6.51 and €8.94. High prices indeed but I guess they have to cover the one-off printing costs somehow.

My deal with KDP Select is coming to an end this week, so I have to consider strategies for both book 1 and for books 2 and 3 to be published imminently and in September respectively.

publishing strategies

Continued Sales of Book 1:

I'll continue with KDP and Createspace of course. I also plan to extend my ebook sales through other media and research suggests that SmashWords may be the way to go. I plan to investigate further in the next few days.

Books 2 and 3:

I'm not going to lock into KDP Select for these books. I think it was OK to do that while I was finding my feet with 'Who Is...', but I think that it is now time to widen my sales avenues outside of amazon. Amazon is the largest outlet of course so forms a major part of my intended strategy.


Createspace offers the printed version and a link to KDP for ebook sales so I'll try that with at least book 2. 


Smashwords distributes books more broadly, see the diagram below. That looks good to me! Definitely worth a shot, but more investigation needed of course.

While I'm considering publication strategy, I also need to finish book 2! I spent most of yesterday (Sunday) on the additional section, which was a great idea from my reader in Germany, and I've completed that draft. I need to stitch it all together now and begin proofing. Still more to do as I said previously, but getting close now!


How to Buy

I'm re-stating these links as much for me as for you, dear reader, as I want to be sure that the links I have been declaring in the past are still valid.


So here they are again! 


USA and Rest of World

These links can also be found at this site's Book List page



I may have already said that, during private correspondence, my German reader gave me an idea for my current work-in-progress, so I'm working on that. I feel really good about this addition and it's well advanced. I should finish that bit this weekend and then it's on to formatting.


Next comes the proofing and checking! Reading and re-reading several times. I know it sounds arduous and I'm the first to moan about it, but in fact I really like it. I have to be careful though; I could over-proof it. That's to say that however many times I read the draft I always find something to tweak. I have to arrive at a place where I'm happy for it to be published, when the tweaks become minimal. Perfection is hard to accomplish. I go by feel - I know when it's good enough. Then I have to leave well alone after publication. It doesn't do to keep going back over it.


Unlike with Book 1, I have a friend (another author) to proofread for me too. It will cut down my proofing I think.


After that ramble, the news is that I'm closing in on publication. In June. I hope.