The truth of the matter is that last year my semi-retirement was exactly that, giving me adequate time for the enjoyment of authoring the first two books in the New Albion trilogy.


Book 3 is well-advanced but has hit a road block because as the year progressed, I became more and more busy, ending the year with a six month move to work in the Middle East, which is where I am now. My treasured writing time had to take a step back. I took the assignment as it is interesting and exciting, and of course, the money is powerfully attractive too. Far more than my family in New Albion is ever likely to contribute to my pension…!


I had hoped that I would have sufficient spare time to be able to progress, but that has turned out to be wishful thinking.


I will finish this assignment in mid-April. Until then I fear that I will be doing little more to finish book 3, but it won’t take long after that I hope. Proofing is the longest time unfortunately, so right now it seems that mid-year is a realistic target.


Please bear with the delays caused by my diverse life activities. Your enjoyment is high on my priority list and I’ll be sure to update this blog with progress reports from time-to-time.


Happy reading


Yours in naturism



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