Reviews for "Who Is This Naked Lady"

august 2016

8 August 2016 I hope there are more stories to both educate and be enjoyed by P Wills

Amazon 5 Stars


Fantastic, well written story about the naturist life style. Gripping, knowledgeable and realistic. Was so natural and detailed and very entertaining. I enjoyed it 100% I hope the author writes more.


14 August 2016 Nice look into naturist lifestyle by David X Turull

Amazon 5 Stars


This was a nice and interesting read. The story was well developed


17 August 2016 Five Stars by Tom Hartwick

Amazon 5 Stars


Very good


9 August 2016 By email: Who's this naked lady from bobhip


I have just finished reading this  book for the second time. I have found that it is the best naturist themed book I have ever read. A lot of books with a naturist theme are filled with sex which is not true naturism. 
I look forward to seeing your next books and would be obliged if you could let me know when they are available for me to download to my kindle. 
Best regards 
Bob  lifelong naturist.


july 2016

29 July 2016 This book could be summarized by "gawk-end good, all good-gawk" by Leendert Combee

Amazon 2 Stars

This book could be summarized by "gawk-end good, all good-gawk", with the Spirelli-twist in the middle which lifts the book somewhat from the deep, but then that part is nothing to do with naturism. The book runs through absolutely every boring cliche of naturism/nudism, it's just too much, the writing style isn't captivating (except when it gets to Spirelli and the car-chase, for example) and it is all too predictable. It's also a bit too much off 'women are typically women and men are typically men', very stereotypical. Gave it two points in the end. But then, it makes good for a lazy read on a nude beach.



15 July 2016 Four Stars by Fred

Amazon 4 Stars

Way to much about normal life and not enough about nudism.


14 July 2016 I Liked The Story by Kindle Customer

Amazon 4 Stars


Too politically correct..needs to be a bit more descriptive in the character development. Loved the story...maybe a bit too obviously pro naturism..maybe just a little bit less would be better. Still, a very good story with a great deal of information for new be nudies. I am looking forward to reading more of your books.

4 July 2016 By email: Who is this naked lady from Mark

I just discovered this book on, bought, downloaded and read it in just over one day. Like much naturist fiction (NF), I find the characters' stories fascinating and I look forward to reading more of the New Albion series. Unlike much NF there is much more reflection and forethought in this first story which makes it very appealing and I look forward to reading more about the characters. I also am impressed with your writing and proofreading - almost impeccable!


The first though that came to my mind is that this is an excellent gentle introduction to naturism - the ethics, and etiquette especially as well as clearing up misconceptions in the minds of the uninformed. I expect that was very much what you had in mind.


The storyline with Phil/Ben & co. seemed to me to be almost at odds with the principal purpose of the book - the previous paragraph and introducing the principals and naturism to us, the readers. I would like to have seen more conversation and character development and less of the crime side of the story. This is in part a reaction to the prevalence of other recent NF publications which have been crime stories in a naturist setting - the nudism being almost secondary to the stories.


I really like the concept of New Albion - a more tolerant and accepting place than the UK and especially N. America. I am not an 'expert' naturist by any means; I too discarded my pyjamas at about age 10, and am comfortable at home in just sandals. My naturist forays have been few but I am hoping for more . . . my wife does not share my enthusiasm, for Charlotte's reasons plus her own difficult medical situation.
Thank you again for a new set of characters, a new place, and new writing. I do look forward to the next books in the near future.

june 2016

20 June 2016 Five Stars by Chris B

Amazon 5 Stars


Loved this book so much I e mailed Wallace!
Great read


9 June 2016: By email: Who is this naked lady from Chris B

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this book.
I found the characters very believable and entertaining.
I hope there is more to come.


6 June 2016 By email: Enjoyed your book from Tim Forcer


Excerpt: I've just finished and enjoyed your book


may 2016

22 May 2016


I have been corresponding with Johan Aucamp at SunEden Naturist Resort and he sent a wonderful critique of "Who Is This Naked Lady", for which I am very grateful. As a result of our correspondence he wrote the following in the May edition of Boma Stories, the newsletter for SunEden:


Johan says:

I did some browsing and came across some real good naturist fiction that makes entertaining reading and is perfect for giving to friends and family to read so they can gain a better understanding.  Don’t look in the usual bookstores, but as I see many Kindles around the pool, download from Amazon. The first of these books that I want to tell you about is "Who is this naked lady, and what have they done to my wife?".  It was written by Wallace Greensage, himself a naturist and therefore his characters are authentic and you recognize yourself and your fellow naturists in them.  It presents naturism as good clean fun.  Remember your own first experience of going the full Monty?  It is usually the male partner who takes the initiative, with the female partner following reluctantly, but later it is often she who becomes the most enthusiastic bare-ass. This is the theme of his first book in the New Albion series.  Charlotte initially has some serious misgivings but soon her husband, Todd, can hardly recognize his own wife in this newbie naturist.  I wrote to Wallace who surprisingly is quite aware of us and even have a few compliments to share out, I quote from his letter:

I've Looked at your Sun Eden website again this morning as I have in the past and I find it to be an attractive, informative site, very professional and then probably one of the best naturist-themed sites on the web. That's not overstated it's simply a fact. Naturist sites, like many naturists fiction books, are of a quality that regrettably does not encourage people to get involved.

Wallace aka "Professor Wally" (He lives in the U.K. where he is a history professor) has almost completed the second book in the series. Perhaps his characters will show up for a visit at SunEden. Keep your eyes peeled for Charlotte and Todd, Lucy and Jake and Molly and Justin, you may just encounter them here and before you know it you too can become a character in a book.  By the way, I think we have quite a few characters at SunEden that will perfectly fit into a storybook!


Thanks so much Johan


12 May 2016 Four Stars by James Robeson

Amazon 4 Stars


Waiting for more


1 May 2016 Good by Sam

Amazon 4 Stars


In the 70s and early 80s I was in a nudist group. This book did come close to what I remember. But it did drag on


april 2016

22 April 2016 What A Great Read by Robert Smith 

Amazon 5 Stars


I really enjoyed the story how so many people get involved in this great life style. It is so real I look forward to read more from Wallace. Keep writing friend ! I read it in an evening it was so good.


12 April 2016 A very good story about real naturists by Gerry Flanagan

Amazon 5 Stars


A very good story about real naturists. Good characters and locations which have potential for development in future stories.

Direct email from an American reader on 1 April:


Hi Wally


I have just finished reading “Who Is This Naked Lady; And What Have They Done With My Wife”, in a single sitting, and really enjoyed it .


It was a very good story with good characters and an interesting location – both of which give room for development.


It is good to see another author, alongside P Z Walker, producing true, good quality, naturist fiction.   


I am really looking forward to reading the next book when it is out.


march 2016

Publication Date 11March 2016


And a direct email from the same Amazon Customer (see below) on 31 March:


I loved the book 'Who Is This Naked Lady' so much I read it through twice. Great storyline, and kept my interest. Gives an excellent view on nudist and naturist. Answers so many question people have. As a naturist myself, I can't wait until the paperback comes out to give to my close and curious non-naturist friends.

As a side note, I felt Todd was a little unwise taking the pickup back, and putting himself in harm's way, but enjoyed the suspense it brought. Also, thanks for adding May & John along with their concerns. The Ken & Barbie story made it 4 stars, but now definitely 5. Thanks again for your work and can't wait for the next book.


Nudest/Naturist Education In Captivating Story By Amazon Customer on March 31, 2016

Amazon 5 Stars


I loved the book so much I read it through twice. Great storyline, and kept my interest. Gives an excellent view on nudest and naturist. Answers so many question people have. As a naturist myself, I can't wait until the paperback comes out to give to my close non-naturist friends.

US Reader


Wonderful, relaxed story, but still gripping and entertaining! Von Amazon-Kunde am 31. März 2016

Amazon 5 Stars


A thoroughly enjoyable read! It's a smooth going story that answers many questions about nudism/naturism, but for once that is handled in a totally relaxed manner, without the overly thick preaching style I've encountered in so many similar themed stories. Just one example: the differentiation between the terms "nudist" and "naturist". The author's message: I'll try to explain, but I don't really care, just enjoy the lifestyle,folks. How refreshing! I'm looking forward to the sequels! Reader from Germany


A good read for the pool or beach By Ted Bun on 13 Mar. 2016

Amazon 4 Stars


An enjoyable read this book ties a strong story line about a group of young people who start with little in common and end up as friends with a very positive view of naturism.
It is Set on an imaginary island called New Albion, which sounds sort of like England towed further south and west ! There is an interesting plot,that starts with some mild domestic violence, which leads our main characters into an adventure and moves the story forward. The main characters are the type of people that you'd want as friends ... You wouldn't want to know the baddies!

The missing star? Converts from textile to naturism converted a little to easily. One or two sections get a little preachy, ...and in my case is was a case of singing to the choir ( excuse the mix of metaphors)

UK  Reader


A book for naturists by a naturist By Starrykozel on 13 Mar. 2016

Amazon 5 Stars


You have to have at least a flicker of interest in nudism to get the most from this book as this is strongly the main thread. Some of the explanations may help newcomers to this lifestyle.

Todd and Charlotte are introduced to naturism during their holiday on fictional New Albion island by Lucy and Jake who own a chalet at a naturist resort. While visiting the resort they befriend Molly who is having boyfriend troubles and these escalate causing policeman Todd to become involved. The boyfriend, Phil, is pals with Ben who is involved in shady dealings. Todd is dragged into this too and faces danger when it comes to a head.

The tale starts slowly and climaxes well before the end, after which it becomes a tale about the group of friends that have come together during the book.

An enjoyable light read for all interested in non-sexual nudity.


Reader from UK