A Pleasant Surprise


Received an email yesterday from a book reviewer that I respect and follow, suggesting a review of New Albion books 1 -3 later this year.




How fantastic is that? Of course I agreed immediately. All I have to do is publish the next 2 books, one imminently and the third one around September.




It's too early to say anymore as of course he has only read 'Who Is,,,' so far, but as soon as I can I will.




He told me 'Who Is...' was enjoyable to read. I just have to make books 2 and 3 as readable.  


Just the encouragement I need, if any more was needed!


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Publishing Strategy Update

My printed book has been out courtesy of amazon's CreateSpace long enough now to be able to review the results.


You may recall from earlier blogs that I decided on publication of my first book 'WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? And What Have They Done With My Wife?' in March this year that I would sign up to amazon's KDP Select.


KDP Select is a special version of Kindle Direct Publishing, which connects self-publishers like me to Kindle eBooks. KDP select enrols authors for 90 days in a special deal whereby royalties are improved and my book is available free to borrowers but where authors receive a share out of an odd payment pool. During this period books must remain faithful to amazon alone.


A few weeks ago I also subscribed to CreateSpace to produce a printed version. This is relatively easy and the good thing about it is that there are no print runs. I don't have to pay for a few hundred to be produced. Amazon prints to order; a customer orders a book and they print it and send it and it doesn't seem to slow the process down any.


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How to Buy

I'm re-stating these links as much for me as for you, dear reader, as I want to be sure that the links I have been declaring in the past are still valid.


So here they are again! 


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Thank You and Thank You Again

THANK YOU for all your responses on this blog and on Twitter rearding my question about amazon's options. It seems that my fears are unfounded and amazon are showing both options.


THANK YOU too for your kind reviews, on the blog and directly using comments. As I always mention, feedback - good and bad - is hugely meaningful. Fortunately nothing bad yet! I have received ideas that I am including in future books though. This is wonderful.