A Pleasant Surprise


Received an email yesterday from a book reviewer that I respect and follow, suggesting a review of New Albion books 1 -3 later this year.




How fantastic is that? Of course I agreed immediately. All I have to do is publish the next 2 books, one imminently and the third one around September.




It's too early to say anymore as of course he has only read 'Who Is,,,' so far, but as soon as I can I will.




He told me 'Who Is...' was enjoyable to read. I just have to make books 2 and 3 as readable.  


Just the encouragement I need, if any more was needed!


One thing he did point out, and following on from my reasoning in yesterday's blog about why this happened, part of this cover on the left has also been used by another naturist author.


I really must decide what to do about covers. Perhaps it's time for me to dig my hand in my pocket and commission something. Ho hum!

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