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30. October 2016
I have left it a while to properly gauge response to Book 2 "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" and have now updated this site to include all direct and amazon feedback. You can find all of the excerpts in REVIEWS FOR WALLACE'S BOOKS in the menu alongside or by clicking here
06. June 2016
Received an email yesterday from a book reviewer that I respect and follow, suggesting a review of New Albion books 1 -3 later this year. How fantastic is that? Of course I agreed immediately. All I have to do is publish the next 2 books, one imminently and the third one around September. It's too early to say anymore as of course he has only read 'Who Is,,,' so far, but as soon as I can I will. He told me 'Who Is...' was enjoyable to read. I just have to make books 2 and 3 as readable. Just...
03. June 2016
THANK YOU for all your responses on this blog and on Twitter rearding my question about amazon's options. It seems that my fears are unfounded and amazon are showing both options. THANK YOU too for your kind reviews, on the blog and directly using comments. As I always mention, feedback - good and bad - is hugely meaningful. Fortunately nothing bad yet! I have received ideas that I am including in future books though. This is wonderful.
23. April 2016
What can be better than a peer review from a fellow naturist author, the esteemed PZ Walker, author of the Naked Crow series and of the popular Mirror Earth? His website is His review is complimentary and I'm grateful that Mr. Walker has not only read my book but has taken the time to review it. I heartily thank him for this. The review...well, read it for yourself below! P Z Walker - A review of my book on his website:
02. April 2016
March is at an end and as promised, after 3 complete weeks, I have reviewed the interest that my first book "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" has enjoyed and I must express my great pleasure. I had guestimated a (modest) interest and I am delighted that since P-Day on 11 March, sales are 287% greater than expected. More satisfying though from my perspective are the positive comments that I have received, which can be seen at REVIEWS RECEIVED This initial response...