Proofreading in Progress

I must have proofread the draft at least a dozen times and now it is in the secure hands of my naturist writing colleague P (Paul) Z Walker. I thought that I had ironed out most of the wrinkles, but no, Paul has proofed the first 5 chapters and has identified lots of improvements that I had missed. The benefits of proofing by another set of competent eyes. Thanks very much. Paul.


The title for New Albion 3, yet to be confirmed, is "Farewell To Summer" and completes the tale of our friends from the first two volumes. Those of you who have read them will remember some of the characters and Charlotte and Todd, Lucy and Jake, Molly, Dana and friends are all featured. So too is the "baddy" Ben Spiralli, who finds himself being manipulated and turns to nudity for help. 


Some readers also felt that NA2 teased too much about the Solomon and Perks families and didn't develop their stories sufficiently. Mea culpa, but NA3 redresses this.


So now what? When Paul has weaved his proofreading magic, I will publish, initially through amazon, but I am going to do more this time.


Paul helped with the cover for NA2 - I am not artistically competent - and I hope he will have suggestions for NA3's cover. However, I hope to also engage the help of a publishing agency this time. The reason is that I am ready to expand my horizons and, in addition to amazon, publish through other book sellers (paperback and e-book). I will re-publish NA1 and NA2 through these sellers too.


I want to reach a wider audience, not for financial reasons (writing contributes little to my pension plan), but for the satisfaction of knowing that my writing is more widespread. Egotistical? Maybe, but modestly so - there you are - an new concept - modest egotism!


I also hope to be more socially competent than I have been in the past. I don't have any more time as my semi-retirement remains on hold because of the long-term project with which I am engaged (which is why NA3 has taken so long to write), but if I set it up properly, I feel that I can regularly post. I realise the importance of this.


I also want to gauge whether to continue to write about New Albion. I have several books planned, with new characters and old, and I look forward to writing them. Whether this is for my pleasure, with limited publishing through amazon as now, or more widespread, I will see from the reaction to the upcoming campaign. 


So that's a full update. Stay tuned for more updates. It's getting closer and I will personally let

my correspondents know by email when I publish and I will update this blog and social media too at that time. 


Happy nuding