What Happens Next

An additional section has been added to the end of New Albion Series Book 2 THE NAKED TRUTH Shall Set You Free.


 It has been added to tie up loose ends to some of the story lines in Book 2 and to give a hint of what is to come in Book 3. I hope that this helps those that feel the ending was a bit open-ended.


This is what it says:


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New Albion Book 2 Printed Version Update

So it's the start of a new month and October passed by without fulfilling my objective. I had intended to issue "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" in printed form by the end of October, and I was working towards that end as I mentioned earlier during October. However I ran into a number of problems with formatting and Amazon's CreateSpace couldn't accept the draft in a way that satisfied me. I worked late into last night to resolve this but I eventually ran out of time. And now I'm on my way to the airport for a 5-day trip that will occupy all of my time.


With regrets, dear reader, I have to break my commitment (to myself and to you) and give myself a few more days on my return next weekend.


The good news is that I think that I have solved the formatting problem overnight. Not so good is that if I have, I don't have any opportunity now to prove this and to move to the next stage, which is the book cover. I simply don't want to rush things and make a mess of this. It's not hard but it is time-consuming.


Stand by for more news as I finalise this project within a few days of my return to my writing desk.