What Happens Next

An additional section has been added to the end of New Albion Series Book 2 THE NAKED TRUTH Shall Set You Free.


 It has been added to tie up loose ends to some of the story lines in Book 2 and to give a hint of what is to come in Book 3. I hope that this helps those that feel the ending was a bit open-ended.


This is what it says:


In the final installment of the New Albion trilogy, due out in 2016:


Tiffy and Jason continue to meet their new “nudey” friends and are persuaded to widen their horizons, against Tiffy’s better judgement. None of the friends expected the consequences, least of all Tiffy.


Justin is not one to give up. His sensible and practical suggested resolution to Molly’s situation is a shock to her. But will Molly agree?


Louisa remains down in the dumps until a surprise call from Lucy inadvertently changes her life. But is it for the better? Only she can decide.


Lucy and Jake wrestle with a major decision after Lucy lays down the law.


Charlotte and Todd work hard to patch things up with her parents amidst rumours in their work lives. Will her mother, Patience, allow things to improve or will their relationships be tarnished forever?


The Solomons and Perks children quickly discover more about each other and friendships become both cemented and strained. Both sets of parents hold council to maintain their growing friendship. Will they be successful or will prejudices and attitudes cause them to go separate ways?


The festering feud between Ben Spiralli and Dmitry Durak comes to a head, but with surprising results for both. Help for Ben comes from an unexpected source, but for whose benefit? And what exactly do the Scots want of him?


Jerome tries hard to come to terms with Dana’s lifestyle. Will their budding relationship survive?


May and John return from their summer on the south coast. John’s enthusiasm and retirement freedom offer new opportunities that neither of them had previously guessed at.


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