A Great Start For "Who Is This Naked Lady?"

March is at an end and as promised, after 3 complete weeks, I have reviewed the interest that my first book "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" has enjoyed and I must express my great pleasure. I had guestimated a (modest) interest and I am delighted that since P-Day on 11 March, sales are 287% greater than expected.


More satisfying though from my perspective are the positive comments that I have received, which can be seen at REVIEWS RECEIVED


This initial response is more than I'd hoped for, my main aims being:

  1. To enjoy my writing experience
  2. To give reading pleasure

I have succeeded on both counts; aim 1 being a given and aim 2 a much-hoped-for bonus. This gives me so much more encouragement to complete Book 2 in the series (project name The Boss).


Thanks to all my readers. Your support to meet aim 2 is important to me and your amazon and direct email reviews are most appreciated.


If you would like to check out my book at amazon, here are some links:





Use amazon.com link for other countries if you don't have a local amazon account in your country.


Happy nuding


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