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July 2020 · 23. July 2020
Farewell To Summer by Wallace Greensage
21. July 2019
THE NAKED TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE by WALLACE GREENSAGE (NA2) NA2 follows on from NA1 - Who Is This Naked Lady And What Did They Do With My Wife (see previous blog) The story commences with our heroes Charlotte and Todd attempting to settle into their daily routines after their unexpected introduction to the world of naturism during their recent vacation. Charlotte is determined to keep their newfound lifestyle totally confidential but that doesn't go well for her and results in family issues....
20. July 2019
What happens in NA1
20. July 2019
I know, I know! Mea culpa! This has taken too long to publish and I apologise. Life got in the way. 'Farewell To Summer' by Wallace Greensage is out at long last. This is the third and final book in the New Albion trilogy following the adventures of newbie naturists Charlotte and Todd and their friends (and enemies). I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it....
06. January 2018
New Albion Book 3 (Farewell To Summer) Update
23. April 2016
Charlotte's Near Miss A Short Story By Wallace M Greensage Author of Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife? Part 1 of 6
23. April 2016
What can be better than a peer review from a fellow naturist author, the esteemed PZ Walker, author of the Naked Crow series and of the popular Mirror Earth? His website is His review is complimentary and I'm grateful that Mr. Walker has not only read my book but has taken the time to review it. I heartily thank him for this. The review...well, read it for yourself below! P Z Walker - A review of my book on his website:
21. April 2016
Exciting introduction to nudism for Wallace's first book in the naturist-themed New Albion series
If you would like to check out my book at amazon, here are some links: Use link for other countries if you don't have a local amazon account in your country.
20. April 2016
Encouraging! Very encouraging! "Who Is This Naked Lady?" has been in amazon's lists for almost 6 weeks and sales have been consistently edging up. Average sales tis month are up over March, as might be expected. Hi everyone. Thanks for following my blog. Statistical facts: - Sales are trending up - Sales are unexpectedly uneven with high sales one day and low sales the next, then up they go again - Since day 1 of sales there have only been 2 days of absolutely no sales, curiously with high...
02. April 2016
March is at an end and as promised, after 3 complete weeks, I have reviewed the interest that my first book "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" has enjoyed and I must express my great pleasure. I had guestimated a (modest) interest and I am delighted that since P-Day on 11 March, sales are 287% greater than expected. More satisfying though from my perspective are the positive comments that I have received, which can be seen at REVIEWS RECEIVED This initial response...

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