New Albion Book 3 - "Farewell To Summer"

And It's Nearly Ready At Last

The draft has been completed and the proofing has begun. At last! Phew!


Strangely, I don't find that to be the chore that it sounds. I enjoy it so much that I have to guard against over proofing.


'Should I read it through just one more time to make sure, in case I missed something?'


'NO! Nothing is totally perfect. Just get on with it!'


OK! As soon as I have finished the routine proofing chores check list, my naturist writing colleague P. Z. Walker will do the honours by reading through to pick out any bloopers and bugs.


And then it will be ready for publication.


Oh! The book cover. Groan - that's the bit I find hardest!


Ah well. Not long to wait now, dear readers. Why not read through Books 1 and 2 as a refresher?


You can find them here


Happy Nude reading!

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    Don Giles (Thursday, 21 July 2022 17:25)

    I really like the New Albion series. I know the location is a fictitious place and the folks are fabricated but the situations are almost real. For instance, Charlotte's fear of dealing with her parents reaction and her supervisor reaction are totally real.

    Looking for the 3rd work.