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I'm re-stating these links as much for me as for you, dear reader, as I want to be sure that the links I have been declaring in the past are still valid.


So here they are again! 


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These links can also be found at this site's Book List page



I may have already said that, during private correspondence, my German reader gave me an idea for my current work-in-progress, so I'm working on that. I feel really good about this addition and it's well advanced. I should finish that bit this weekend and then it's on to formatting.


Next comes the proofing and checking! Reading and re-reading several times. I know it sounds arduous and I'm the first to moan about it, but in fact I really like it. I have to be careful though; I could over-proof it. That's to say that however many times I read the draft I always find something to tweak. I have to arrive at a place where I'm happy for it to be published, when the tweaks become minimal. Perfection is hard to accomplish. I go by feel - I know when it's good enough. Then I have to leave well alone after publication. It doesn't do to keep going back over it.


Unlike with Book 1, I have a friend (another author) to proofread for me too. It will cut down my proofing I think.


After that ramble, the news is that I'm closing in on publication. In June. I hope.


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    Wally Greensage (Monday, 06 June 2016 03:29)

    Many thanks Gerry. Much appreciated. worked most of yesterday on Book 2 - good progress.

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    Gerry Flanagan (Sunday, 05 June 2016 02:43)

    Hi Wally
    All the links are working now.

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    Wally Greensage (Saturday, 04 June 2016 19:42)

    It most definitely helps, Gerry, and many thanks for pointing this out. I have no idea what went wrong and I've sorted it out, but again, if it's no trouble, kindly check again. I thought I had checked the links first time round and I have again now, but if there is another issue, it will be good to know. I'll watch for this too in future.

    Again thanks for your diligence.

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    Gerry Flanagan (Saturday, 04 June 2016 02:38)

    Hi Wally.
    Glad to hear the new book is on its way.
    There seems to be a problem with the links on this post which don't seem to work. Whilst it looks the same as the link in the previous post. If you copy the link address there is an extra http/ - http://https/
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers Gerry