First the Introductions

Hello Dear Reader


I'm Wally Greensage and I am writing a series of naturist-themed fictional novels. The first of three novels to be published over the next few months is due out online imminently, hopefully by March 2016.


The storyline of the first book introduces Charlotte, Todd, Lucy and Jake as principal characters; they will appear too in later books from time-to-time.


Charlotte and Todd are enjoying their 2-week break on the south coast of New Albion island and develop a new friendship with Lucy and Jake.  This is to have unexpected consequences for them. Their blossoming friendship also leads them into uncharted waters as they are dragged unwittingly into a sinister situation. 


My website gives much more information about the books, publication plans, the characters and a background to fictional New Albion island in the North Atlantic.  I invite you to have a look around this website.  I also invite you to comment as feedback is very welcome.


I'll regularly update you through this blog on developments as I complete my first novel and set about putting it online.  I will also issue a brief extract shortly.


Please make a point of returning to my blog and site regularly. It is my sincere wish that you will enjoy my books.


Yours in naturism




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