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28. February 2016
I looked into Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and so far I like what I see. Definitely plan to go with that to start with so next I need to enroll. I also looked into ISBN numbers and checked out an ISBN site recommended by a site that I mentioned in my last blog by CNET This (ISBN site) is a very helpful site (in fact both CNET and ISBN are both helpful) and in addition to explaining the benefits of ISBN affiliation, the site also has a number of packages. Useful too is information on...
20. February 2016
Researching and searching is time consuming. Better to do it naked
I spent a few hours with my old pal, Google Search, researching as much as I could find out about how I should go about publishing my ebook series. Here are my thoughts below. They are personal to my plans and may not suit everyone and every situation, so if, dear reader, you are following a similar path, I urge you to have a good look around for advice. I'm no expert. However, I will tell you which sites I found helpful.
19. February 2016
Vodafone Advertisement for Mobile Broadband For Laptops using nudity as an eye-catcher.
Yesterday, after a couple of days doing other work, I returned to my voyage of discovery to learn how to publish my ebooks. I don't think it's particularly arduous; there are simply some decisions to be made and some hoops to jump through. I have a number of non-related daily tasks that I must perform to maintain my personal and work routine; I am currently skipping through these so that I can achieve P-day (Publishing Day) as quickly as possible. Yesterday I finished my chores and set about...
15. February 2016
Hello Dear Reader I'm Wally Greensage and I am writing a series of naturist-themed fictional novels. The first of three novels to be published over the next few months is due out online imminently, hopefully by March 2016. The storyline of the first book introduces Charlotte, Todd, Lucy and Jake as principal characters; they will appear too in later books from time-to-time. Charlotte and Todd are enjoying their 2-week break on the south coast of New Albion island and develop a new friendship...