A Few Days On

It's been just 4 days since I published WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? on Amazon.


I bought the book myself and read it over the weekend from the viewpoint of a reader. This was hard to do because as the author it's not easy to be dispassionate. As a result I made a few cosmetic changes.


I also changed my book cover too and it looks more professional now. However, for some reason the new cover doesn't seem to have made it to amazon sites yet. Still working on this. 


Amazon UK

Amazon US

I put together a very modest sales target chart - not that I have any control over this after:

a) I published the book, and

b) Made the decision to market through Amazon KDP Select exclusively for 90 days.

I'm glad to say that I am a whisker ahead of my predictions, but as we are only talking about tiny sales per day, that's not a lot really. Still, it's encouraging.

However, one exciting event (for me!)

I have 2 reviews on Amazon UK

It's a good start!

Yours in naturism,


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