The Writer Who Came In From The Cold

Actually, this has a double meaning. Not only have I been away for 3 weeks on a research project which took me to some pretty cool cold places, I came back with a stinking cold (read 'man-flu') that I thought may finish me off but which Mrs. G shrugged off as a mere sniffle. I'm self-pityingly recovering slowly...your show of sympathy will be greatly appreciated.  

While I was away, my book was proofed by an expert naturist writer and I'm immensely grateful. More on that later.


This week since I returned home, if I did nothing else, I roused myself to work on book two: 'The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free'. It's in final self-proofing now that I have made the proofing corrections. The cover is coming along beautifully, more on this later too .


So, dear reader, watch this space. It won't be long until book 2 of the New Albion naturist fiction series is on the electronic shelves, supported by printed versions too.

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