Published! Book 2 will be available at amazon within hours!

Today, 11 August 2016, book 2 of the New Albion series of naturist-themed books was published.




It will take a few hours to be reviewed but any time now it will be available for purchase.


It's available on amazon and as soon as I have details I'll post the links.


Charlotte and Todd are back, with their old friends, Lucy, Jake, Molly, Dana and Justin and, of course, others that you know too. The bad boys are back too - they are no wiser! They all have new tales to tell.


Lots of other new personalities have arrived too. Ella is Charlotte's close friend at her workplace. The Solomons have arrived from South Carolina and have made friends with an Albian family, the Perks. Both families have four children ranging in age from seven to late teens. They will develop more throughout book 3 too, as will new arrival Louisa Fiddleforth. They too have tales to tell.

I have an admission to make! Books 2 and 3 were to be one book but the story lines became too unwieldy and long and I decided to split the books. The bad news is that book 2 leaves a few loose ends for book 3. The good news is that because it was originally to be one book, book 3 is well-advanced and I'll try to publish as soon as I can. A few months, but nevertheless, I don't have to start from scratch.


And that will close New Albion's first year out and tie up all the loose ends neatly.


But that doesn't mean that the books will end. I already have drafts and plots for next year's batch of books in the New Albion series.


I'm grateful for all the feedback I've received for book one. This has been through this website and directly to my email. All the feedback has been gratifyingly positive, I'm proud to say. Some of the feedback has offered constructive suggestions and I have developed story lines, themes and writing skill adjustments form many of these, so a BIG THANK YOU to you all.


I'll be contacting all my correspondents to let you know that THE NAKED TRUTH has been published as soon as I have the links.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy book 2 as much as I believe you've enjoyed book one and I am keen to receive your feedback.


Happy Nude Reading


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