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While updating amazon reviews for my first two books, I took a look at the statistics.


I have to admit that so far I'm very satisfied.

Book 1 "Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?" published in March 2016


15 reviews across US, UK and Germany:

9 *****

5 ****

1 **

This is a total of 67 stars, giving an average of 4.47 out of 5. 


Book 2 "The Naked Truth Shall Set You Free" published in August 2016


9 reviews across US, UK and Germany

4 *****

3 ****

1 *

A total of 33 stars, giving an average of 4.13 out of 5.


Clearly, a very positive response and encouraging for New Albion Book 3, for which drafting is all but complete.


The overall average star rating for my 2 first books is 4.35


Apart from two exceptional low scores, they are all 4 and 5 star reviews.


Perhaps I should mention that the 2 star review for book 1 ended:

Gave it two points in the end. But then, it makes good for a lazy read on a nude beach.

I take that as a positive.


And the one star for book 2, having probably quite rightly bemoaned the lack of completed story lines (to be continued in New Albion book 3), ended:

The book just doesn't have the drama or spark that the first one has.

Not the consensus of other reviews but again it highlights the problem of authoring trilogies.


All reviews are valuable and I'm grateful for the 2 low scores too. Keeps me on my toes.

I love receiving direct messages to my email address, to the contact form on this site and reviews on amazon. Please keep them coming. Good or bad, I love them all.


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