Update - At Last

Apologies for the long absence, everyone, and for my failure to keep you all updated. An unexpected day-job work project arose in early December that has taken me abroad and filled my time (12 hours a day) - and it's not over until I get home at the end of January.


This has meant that New Albion 3 is still in progress. The words are nearly all down on (electronic) paper and I now have to tidy them up (which I'm doing in the little spare time I have this month), read through a few times (crucial) and beg my naturist writing colleague, Paul Walker, to make time to proof read it.


Still some weeks to go I regret to say. I'm eager to resume. My non-working thoughts daily turn to NA3 story lines and my desire to drop everything and get on with it for the moment has to be tempered.


Nest post will be at the beginning of Feb.


Thanks for your patience. I don't want to rush things - the final episode must be perfect when it goes out.


Oh, and a belated Happy New Year to you all.

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