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I have been in delightful correspondence with Johan Aucamp of SunEden Naturist Resort, initially about my book 'Who Is This Naked Lady?' and generally about SunEden Resort, Southern Africa - I spent many years in Southern and Central Africa early in my career - and we chatted about other subjects of mutual interest.


Johan also writes Boma Stories, the newsletter for SunEden. Unsolicited, he wrote about 'Naked Lady' in the May 2016 edition of Boma News and his comments were very complimentary. I'm gratefully to Johan for his kind words (below):


I did some browsing and came across some real good naturist fiction that makes entertaining reading and is perfect for giving to friends and family to read so they can gain a better understanding.  Don’t look in the usual bookstores, but as I see many Kindles around the pool, download from Amazon. The first of these books that I want to tell you about is "Who is this naked lady, and what have they done to my wife?".  It was written by Wallace Greenspan, himself a naturist and therefore his characters are authentic and you recognize yourself and your fellow naturists in them.  It presents naturism as good clean fun.  Remember your own first experience of going the full Monty?  It is usually the male partner who takes the initiative, with the female partner following reluctantly, but later it is often she who becomes the most enthusiastic bare-ass. This is the theme of his first book in the New Albion series.  Charlotte initially has some serious misgivings but soon her husband, Todd, can hardly recognize his own wife in this newbie naturist.

By Johan Aucamp in Boma Stories May 2016 edition for SunEden Naturist Resort



The same issue also contains comments that I made about SunEden's website:


Johan says:

I wrote to Wallace who surprisingly is quite aware of us and even have a few compliments to share out, I quote from his letter:
I've Looked at your Sun Eden website again this morning as I have in the past and I find it to be an attractive, informative site, very professional and then probably one of the best naturist-themed sites on the web. That's not overstated it's simply a fact. Naturist sites, like many naturists fiction books, are of a quality that regrettably does not encourage people to get involved.


It really is a great site. Check it out:


Johan mentions that its only on Kindle but since then, in the last few days, I have published a paperback through amazon. We are still trying to resolve pricing issues but at least it's out there now.



And What Have They Done With My Wife

by Wallace M Greensage

Amazon Paperback Link

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