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29. May 2016
As I wrote in an earlier blog, I enrolled my book WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? in amazon's CreateSpace printed book service. I think that there is some confusion between amazon's KPD Select and CreateSpace because now when I search for the book on amazon, only the printed version appears. I was given to understand when I did this that both the printed and ebook versions would be shown. This doesn't appear to be the case except on the German site.
13. May 2016
The review page on my website has been updated with some great reviews for "WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MY WIFE? Please check them out I have received only great reviews. Just the encouragement I need to get on with book 2
08. May 2016
02. May 2016
Nude reading in bed
April was the first full month of sales of my first book in the New Albion series, 'Who Is This Naked Lady? And What Have They Done With My Wife?' Sales increased steadily in the first 2 weeks of April but tailed off a little towards the end. Is this slight reduction because the fervent naturist readers have already discovered and bought it? The month was 48% ahead of expected sales. Overall, I'm satisfied with progress but realise I need to do more marketing. For a start I only sell ebooks...
02. May 2016
Until 7 May 2016, Charlotte's Near Miss by Wallace M Greensage may be republished and reproduced without permission provided that the work is credited to the author: Wallace M Greensage After 7 May 2016, please contact for permission prior to republication